Cloud Computin g: Critical Security and Control Issues

Cloud computing has been described as “the ultimate form of
outsourcing.” This refers to the fact that moving into the cloud allows the enterprise to outsource orrent infrastructure, IT services, applicationsoftware, or any combination of these. In other words, IT services arepurchased using a linear utility model.
Although the cloud model is attractive, chief information officers express near universal concern about one issue: security. This concern includesunauthorized access to sensitive business data (by outsiders or insidersat the cloud ISP); availability and performance; location of the data(certain sensitive data may be prohibited by law from being storedoutside the enterprise’s country boundaries); ability to retrieve the data inthe event of contract termination; auditability; physical security at the ISP; and more.
The cloud model uses three models, each with their own security, control,and operational concerns. This seminar addresses these issues and
explores how to protect the enterprise assets.
In this course, we will discuss the critical issues to be considered:
  • Before the cloud contract is signed.
  • For the duration of the contract.
  • At contract change or renegotiation.
  • At the end of the contractual relationship