New Emotional Intelligence Course to be Offered in Houston and New York

To assist internal auditors in improving their effectiveness with others by enhancing their emotional intelligence, IIA Seminars has developed a new course, The Effective Auditor: Understanding and Applying Emotional Intelligence, which will be available in Houston on Nov. 11–12 and New York on Dec. 16–17.

Research indicates approximately two-thirds of the difference between top and average performance is attributed to emotional competence. In this two-day course, participants will:

  • Learn to identify the communication styles of others and tailor communications to their preferences.
  • Improve their listening skills to uncover information needed to conduct effective audits.
  • Explore using empathy and emotional intelligence to build engagement within one’s team and with clients.
  • Learn ways to respond appropriately to emotionally charged situations.
  • Understand the norms and social customs of different cultures.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges of a multi-generational workplace.

All IIA courses are eligible for NASBA-compliant continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Access the complete list of seminar courses available in 2014 and registration information.