Meet Rusco Stephen Bavon CIA

Rusco Stephen Bavon, CIA
Bavon Consulting Company Limited
Suva, Fiji Islands

1. What prompted you to become certified?

I needed to become certified to advance myself professionally in the field of internal auditing and for the purposes of career development. Although I was already doing internal audit work, I did not have any formal training in this field and I felt inadequate to continue to be in this field without professional certification.

2. If you hold multiple IIA designations, what order did you earn them in and why?

I don’t have any other IIA designation.

3. Did your organization fund your exam fees or preparation materials? If yes, was it the corporate culture or did you have to sell the value of certification?

Course materials and exam fees were self-sponsored. At the time I did the course in 1999–2000, IIA certifications were still very new to employers in Fiji.

4. How many of your colleagues are certified?

By the time I retired from active employment in 2009, there were none but there was already a lot of interest from other members of the institute to become certified, including my own son who was a graduate in accounting. He was able to get certified two years after I retired.

5. How does having an IIA certification set you apart from your non-certified peers?

Peers look at me with high respect and as one with whom they can consult on internal audit related matters.

6. How did you prepare for the exam?

It required a lot of determination, sacrifice, and self-discipline. I got all my study materials about 4 to 5 months before the exam date, and I set apart at least 2 to 3 hours every day to study those materials. I also did a lot of review questions prior to the exam.

7. How has your certification helped your career?

After my certification, I became very confident in my career as an internal auditor, and I was able to secure more senior positions not only as an internal auditor but also in the field of corporate governance, risk, and compliance. Even after retirement, the IIA certification still sets me apart as a consultant in internal auditing.

8. What advice do you have for others who are seeking certification?

Even after retirement, my IIA certification is still giving me a lot of respect among my peers and in the professional community at large. I strongly recommend those who are seeking IIA certification not to give up but to continue striving for this prestigious qualification. It only requires passion, determination, and discipline. About funding, it should not be much of a problem now since many organizations are aware and do recognize the value of IIA certification.

Though retired, I am still passionate about the internal auditing profession and I hold my IIA certification in high regard. Peers and colleagues who are seeking this certification will never regret it once they receive it.