Bradford Cadmus Memorial Award

 Bradford Cadmus

Bradford Cadmus

The Bradford Cadmus Memorial Award, established by The Institute, is a tribute to the memory of Bradford Cadmus, author, educator, researcher, and the first managing director of The Institute. It officially recognizes individuals, whether or not they are members of The IIA, who have made outstanding contributions in research, education, publications, or other developments and activities in the field of internal auditing.

Nominations for the award will be accepted from any member, group of members, or chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors. Each nomination must be supported by a full explanation as to why the nominee should receive the award.

The number of awards to be made in a single year is at the discretion of the Award Committee. Current international officers (chairman, vice chairmen, secretary, and treasurer), members of the Executive Committee and Bradford Cadmus Memorial Award Committee, and paid employees of The Institute of Internal Auditors are not eligible to receive the award.

The award consists of a suitably inscribed plaque, scroll, or other type of memento, a lifetime membership in The Institute of Internal Auditors, and complimentary registration to all IIA International Conferences attended. Recipient(s) and spouse attending the International Conference to accept this award will receive complimentary conference registration, travel to and from the conference, and reasonable and customary costs for meals and lodging.

Individuals or groups of individuals who have received the award in prior years shall not be eligible to receive the award in subsequent years.