Annual Reports

These annual reports provide year-end highlights of IIA accomplishments, goals, and information about our financial status, as well as updates on the state of the internal audit profession around the globe.

In 2013, The IIA realized record-breaking conference attendance and new certifications numbering in the thousands globally. But, our crowning achievement was the commitment and investment made to ensure a thriving and impactful future for the association, our members, and the internal audit profession. Indeed, 2013 was about laying the groundwork — elevating internal auditors’ professionalism, building relationships, and expanding our reach and influence on behalf of our more than 180,000 members around the world.

It was a landmark year for the internal audit profession, and The IIA continued to take a leadership role as previous year investments took us to new heights. With US $6.3 M in net contribution, The IIA elevated its members, the Institute, and the profession. Read The IIA’s 2012 annual report, “Elevate.”

With $4.5M net contribution from operations and $39.8M in revenue in 2011, The IIA community has made a collective investment in the future of internal auditing, in advancing internal audit proficiency and professionalism, and in being a catalyst for the ongoing evolution of the profession. This report serves as a testament to every initiative that has been implemented, each milestone that was met, the valuable programs brought to fruition, and our goals successfully reached over the past year.

The Institute of Internal Auditors, now in the midst of celebrating its rich 70-year history as the leader of the internal audit profession, worked determinedly and successfully throughout 2010 to reassess, enhance and reposition itself to meet its members’ rapidly growing and evolving needs. The IIA has long pioneered inventive approaches to solving the problems facing internal auditors worldwide. This year, we demonstrated how innovation can make the difference between merely discovering the future and actually defining its success.

The IIA’s 2009 annual report provides insights into how the organization navigated the early parts of a turbulent financial crisis. By refocusing on our core values and mission to serve our more than 170,000 members worldwide, in 2009 The IIA regrouped, responded to new pressures, and reached out to help members weather new economic realities.